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If you depend on making and keeping strong relationships,

(and don't we all?) Ever In Touch is for you.

Never let a relationship fall through the cracks again

When you think about it, every opportunity has its roots in a relationship. But it's hard and time consuming to stay on top of all your network to keep it strong.

This is where Ever In Touch comes in – it's an app that's like your sidekick for your personal networking heroics.

Who, what, and when you need to reach out

Because timing matters. Ever In Touch's system is smart at determining who of all your contacts needs your attention today in order to keep the relationship strong. The more you use Ever In Touch, the better you get at growing your network.

Integrated and automated to turn contacts into best friends

Ever In Touch integrates with your natural channels of communication (such as email) while automating the upkeep of your personal relationship manager.

"With Ever In Touch, keeping relationships strong and healthy has never been easier!"

- Kassey Wilson -

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